Neflaria Etiquette

Hey everybody, I decided to write this wiki for a couple reasons. First and foremost, to make sure everybody was on the same page about what is rude, and what is irritating in Neflaria, hence, etiquette. Second for any people who have just started, and feel like they need a "what not to say" guide. I will be updating every once in a while, as I am sure that I wont be able to cover everything at once, in one post, so it should be a fun little while writing this :).

We'll start with beginning characters, one of the things I remember most fondly about Shimlar, when it was Shimlar, was people who would create a character, their first, and shout joyously, upon reaching that fabled "level 15" mark. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with talking when you can talk. But spamming "OMG, like, I can totally talk now!!!!!" 16 times does get a little frustrating for the people who have been here a while, so sure, pop in and throw your two cents into the conversation, but as you will find out when you become a more experienced player, talking isn't always the most exciting part of the game.

Another thing I would like to bring up is sales. We all know sales is a huge part of the game, and that the game would be much more difficult, and irritating without it, therefore, try not to spam sales with non-sales banter (I'm not saying everyone doesn't do it, I've been guilty of it myself a few times) try to keep it to a minimum, or take it to pm's. Yes, I am aware that in the rules it says that it is NOT mutable to chat in sales, but that doesn't mean have a full on political debate in the middle of an auction. This is becoming somewhat of a non-issue, because I don't see it often anymore, but it still has happened in the past and will again in the future. Also in sales, don't run an auction thinking that you're going to make a lot of gold, and then when it doesn't run high enough for your taste, randomly pull your item out and sell it privately, that's just going to get you blacklisted by everyone in sales on that day.

PK's. This is almost exclusively for higher level characters and clan players. When a character PK's a clannie, it's perfectly ok to pk the person who pk'd your clannie, but on the other hand, going into your clan chat and telling everyone within that level range to ceaselessly attack that character, is just rude. Especially when none of you have the equipment to kill said player. Some might ask why it's a big deal if they can't kill the aforementioned character, but the result is something far worse than being pk'd five times. when something like this happens, the result is a massive "_ Attacked you, but died" spam in your chat, making it very difficult to carry on a conversation.

Last thing for today, something I personally am more guilty of than three quarters of the population of Neflaria, but I'll put it down anyway, because I know that it really annoys everyone, especially certain mods. Politics is best left out of Neflaria, period. The arguments will never stop once they've started, so it's best to just refrain from any comments that have a chance to spark a big political debate, for example, logging and just randomly saying "Barack Obama is a terrorist" (which I have sern in chat, ridiculously) is just a way to get yourself muted. Now, technically, the Barack Obama comment came after a certain post concerning John McCain, but that's beside the point, politics is best left to real life and out of the game. That said, I'm done for today, might be back to update later, if I see something in chat, or in the game that I think needs addressing. :) Hope I've helped… Well, anyone who needed a reminder of what not to say, or do.

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